hivio: the audio future festival

june 4, 2014  san diego, ca

imagining the future of radio, online radio, audio branding, podcasting, and audio advertising

hivio is free. One day. Tickets by invitation only. A balmy summer day in San Diego. The first and only un-conference built to spark innovation in the audio entertainment and information space.

Mark Ramsey and Jaime Solis gather a "hive" of smart people and amazing speakers to see, discuss, and develop big ideas and rising trends in on-demand, radio, content, social, mobile, and technology that will shake up all audio entertainment and information platforms.

This is for you if you are in the audio information or entertainment space!

The only way for a shot at a seat - and the only way to stay in the loop - is to sign up above. Once you're part of the hive, you can find out all the details, help us create questions for our Q&A guests, watch the show stream live, view your favorite Q&A's on demand, even help us select the official hivio 2014 t-shirt design!

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